Seniors Enjoy the ‘Craic’ in their First Outing of the New Year

The repeated crack of the rifles on the firing range, however, were louder than usual and somewhat startling when they suddenly recommenced firing. It may have startled some but it proved an incentive for others, jump-starting their efforts to improve scores.

The weather more than made up for the noise as the sun tried, and occasionally succeeded, in its attempts to disperse the light clouds. A slight breeze, which increased as the morning rolled on, was not enough to trouble the forty hardy seniors who were determined to make the most of a great opportunity to improve eclectic score.

John Voysey celebrates two 2’s helped by Phil Carpenter and Peter Williams

Meirion Griffiths seriously contemplates his Hole-in-One

Three of the forty starters were joining the group from Trefloyne, eager to welcome the challenges of the Tenby Burrows. Bob Forrest relished the challenge in his first outing with Tenby Seniors while John Voysey and John Richards returned to challenge the course and its members. All were welcomed by Seniors’ Captain, Derek Cole, when he wished everyone a Happy New Year at the end of their rounds.

John Richards was out with Steve Decosimo and Hywel Probert and it was reported that the putting in this group was running hot and cold. Steve (31pts)was decidedly cold while John (36pts)was hot.

The day was rounded off in the right ‘spirit’ as each group arrived in the clubhouse to be offered a tot of whisky from the bottle on the counter. 2019 had kicked off with a Hole-in-One on its first eclectic. Meirion Griffiths (35pts) was able to see his ball roll in as he watched it from the temporary tee on the eighteenth. The smile on his face indicated his pleasure as he was congratulated by each group as they returned.

Tim Poole was welcomed back to the fold with an incentive to come again, he won this week’s raffle prize. Only nine seniors failed to reach thirty this week of which four were below twenty-five. Five seniors managed thirty-three points while four achieved thirty-five and a further four reached thirty-six points.

Captain Derek Cole congratulates winner Mick Whale with 2nd place Phil Carpenter and 3rd place Geoff Aston looking on

There were some familiar names in the top ten this week, names which crop up on a regular basis. Idwal David joined Peter Williams on thirty-seven points while Stan Hudson and Peter Hughes went one better with thirty-eight. Enjoying the rarified air along with them was the right honourable David Lamb. Roger Barton and Ross James were just edged out of the top three even though they scored thirty-nine.

Also with thirty-nine points, but a better back nine, was a very welcome Geoff Aston who, was edged out by Phil Carpenter, again on thirty-nine points. That just left the top spot. All alone on forty points this week’s winner, for the second time, was Mick Whale.

Bill Davies gets a special mention, alongside John Voysey, for scoring two 2’s, Bill on the ninth and twelfth and John on the seventeenth and eighteenth. Roger Scholfield scored his on the ninth while Geoff Aston and Robin Hagley had theirs on the seventeenth. Everyone left the club in good ‘hwyl’ having enjoyed a good day’s golf.

Bob Forrest holds the flag for Ron Murphy on 5th.