Des Stone congratulated by Mick Whale for winning the over 75 Order of Merit

To celebrate the winners of the Winter Competitions the Seniors organised a Texas Scramble as a conclusion to this very wet Winter, to be followed by a meal and presentation in the clubhouse. True to form, a night of heavy rain was followed by a dull, ‘drizzerable’ morning, which most thought would clear to allow for an enjoyable end to the season.

Peter Hart receives the Colin Griffiths Cup for over 75 best nett score

It was not to be as six of the twenty-nine starters decided to sit indoors with their coffee or return home to contemplate what might have been. Twenty-three stalwarts set off in three groups of four (two pairs) three groups of three and one two-ball. Those playing as pairs had their combined handicap reduced to 25% while the three-ball groups were reduced to 12 1/2%

Every group struggled with the brisk wind which, as normal, was stronger at the far end of the course. Des Stone had to apologise to Newman and Dudley who were on the third tee, ready to drive off, when his drive from the fifth tee whizzed close by them.

 It was with a degree of relief that each group walked in having completed their task. One member was heard to remark, ‘Never again!’ ‘Fifteen holes was enough today.’ He and his partner, Peter Williams, reached the grand total of twenty-four pts. However, that was not the lowest score, there was a two-ball two shots below that. There were three pairs between that group and the thirty pts – Idwal David and Tony Ranoe (25pts), Gareth Davies and Keith Hubbard (27pts) and Richard Davies and our captain, Mick Whale (29pts).

Robin Hagley and Stan Hudson made the grand total of thirty did the two Davids, Rees and Henry.  The advantage must have been with the three-ball groups since they were the ones in top positions. Adrian Palmer, Ross James and Phil Carpenter came in with thirty-two pts, one behind Barry Neale, Allen Watts and Des Stone. Outright winners with a clear thirty-five points and masters of the elements were Meirion Griffiths, Glenn Smith and John Richards.

All were ready for, and enjoyed, the Chicken Pie meal, courtesy of Lee and his staff. Following the meal Mick Whale rose to address the hardy bunch with the pleasurable task of announcing the winners and runners up of each of the five competitions played for over the Winter. He prefaced his remarks by congratulating and thanking those who had completed the day’s competition and indicating who had been the leaders at the halfway point before Christmas.

There were five trophies up for grabs and the results were as follows:

Nett Eclectic (Dudley Williams Seniors Cup)                      Gross Eclectic (Des Stone Trophy)

1st  Glenn Smith      61pts                                                         1st  Roger Barton       56

2nd Adrian Palmer  60pts                                                         2nd  Meirion Griffiths 63

3rd Roger Barton    57pts                                                         3rd  Peter Hughes       64


Order of Merit (Clifton John memorial Trophy)                Over 75 Nett  (Colin Griffiths Trophy)

1st Glenn Smith          218pts                                                 1st Peter Hart        56pts

2nd Roger Barton       217pts                                                 2nd Jim Martin       56pts

3rd Adrian Palmer      215pts                                                 3rd Tony Ranoe     56pts

Over 75 Order of Merit  (Ken Gouldsbrough Bowl)

1st Des Stone              200pts

2nd Jim Martin            196pts

3rd Tony Ranoe           191pts

This week’s raffle was won by Richard Davies and a reminder was made to all members that their names should be in for next week’s needle match – Captain v Vice captain.

Glenn Smith with his two trophies –The nett Eclectic and the Order of Merit