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The Day the Wind Won

As the thirty-five seniors taking part in Tuesday’s eclectic competition were driving into the golf links, they would have had the discomfort of the clear morning sun shining directly into their eyes. As they stepped out of their cars, they experienced another problem – the brisk, cold wind blowing across the course from the west. […]

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Remember, Remember –

Seniors’ captain, Mick Whale, and Club Secretary, David Hancock, had both reminded golfers to ensure that they adhered to the G.U.R. rule on the marked fairways and drop and place their ball outside the line, no nearer than the hole. There was no discussion about it in the clubhouse afterwards so the message must have […]

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Has Anyone Seen the Tommy Hutton Bowl?

It was getting close to presentation time, following the Chapman Foursomes competition, played on Monday for the Tommy Hutton Bowl. The captain was asked if he had the trophy to present to the winner. He didn’t, so the S.O.S. went out to discover where it might be. Did last year’s winner have it and had […]

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Oh What a Beautiful Morning –

Oh What a Beautiful Morning –

                                        Oh what a beautiful day

                                        Yes, we had a superb outing

                                        With no wind to hinder our play.

The seniors couldn’t wait to get out on Tuesday morning. The early sun was shining before some clouds drifted in. The air was clear and the temperature mild. What could spoil a great day of […]

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Sad and Sombre Mood as Seniors return to Clubhouse

Most of the seniors out on the course on Tuesday would have seen the Air Ambulance, as it approached the golf course, looped around the fourteenth green and descend onto the course. All would have realised that some-one was in need of assistance and hoping that the paramedics had the situation under control.

Unfortunately, each group, […]

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So We Got Wet – But We Got Dry Again….

The forecasters just about had it right. They indicated that there was a chance of a squally shower and there was an equal chance of not catching a shower at all. The thirty-three seniors who turned up ready and eager to start their Winter season must have collectively cupped their hands on the first tee […]

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Optimists v Pessimists and the Pessimists win

There were a fair number of seniors who gathered at the club on Tuesday morning ready to do battle in the fifteen-hole competition, prior to the Seniors’ A.G.M. Anticipation waned somewhat as they discussed the possibility of rain, as forecast, or not forecast, according to which programme you listened to. Some cups were half-full and […]

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Successful Seniors Past Captains Day at Milford

Tenby Seniors’ final match of the season was called off last Tuesday, due to the heavy rain forecast. The fear was that the Past Captains’ on the following day would suffer the same fate. Fortunately, the tee times fell in between two weather fronts and it stayed dry, though breezy, throughout the afternoon. Wet weather […]

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Great Day for Golf in Early Autumn Sunshine

Derek Cole led his team to his last match, at Fairwood Park, last Wednesday. The seniors do have one more match to play, but the team will be led by Mick Whale in the final game against Derllys Court. To end Derek’s successful season around the courses of Pembrokeshire and South Wales he picked Phil […]

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Seniors ‘Tour de Caerdydd’ 2019

It was a group of nineteen senior golfers who set off for Cardiff on the 9th September. Full of enthusiasm (or was that dismay?) they travelled up the M4 in heavy traffic and dense rain negotiating the thick spray from other vehicles. There was even spray from the West bound lanes of the motorway. Forever […]

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