Four buggies and a broken down mower on the eighth

We have to develop new habits. Now that we have access to kitchen facilities, with Lee in control, we are able to spend some time bemoaning our failures and successes over a coffee and roll. It was a long trek round the back of the clubhouse, to the furthest window adjacent to the first tee, but it was well worth it. Lee was there waiting to take our order and supply our drinks and food, which we were then able to consume out on the patio while observing social distance.

Mick Whale and Brent Davies starting their round on the first

The anticipation of getting back to the patio experience must have affected the scores since no one reached the dizzy height of forty points this week. Of the thirty- eight seniors who set out only sixteen scored more than thirty points. Just above that threshold were Bill Davies, John Stevenson, Barry Neale, Keith Hubbard and Chris Lawrence all on thirty-one points.

Just below that threshold, on twenty-nine points, were Derek Cole, Brian Jones, Des Stone, Charles McFee and Steve Sutcliffe. There were two surprising names in the below twenty section this week, one of whom was in the top two last week, with one nil return. Previous winner, David Henry, could only manage twenty-two this week while his playing partner, Idwal, increasing his score to thirty-two.

A warm welcome to the seniors’ ranks this week was extended to Ben Childs. His thirty-four points equalled that of David Blackmore, just one ahead of John Richards and Glenn Smith. Mick Seal and Chris Beecher both weighed in with a score of thirty-five. Chris must now be rueing the fact that, but for a lost ball on the eighteenth, he would have been up with the leaders.

Allen Watts first member to order coke and a roll through the window

Stan Hudson’s consistency continues as he shared thirty-six points with Bob Forrest putting them third and fourth respectively. Top score this week was thirty-seven points shared by Steve Cole and Brent Davies. Steve took the honours with a better back nine.

Surprisingly there were no two’s recorded this week, but there were four recipients in the bag draw. They were Derek Cole, Barry Neale, Tony Ranoe and Keith Dolman.