Rod Clarke and Roger Barton congratulated by Derek Cole

It would appear that going on holiday does not help improve your golf – well not immediately. Before going on vacation Roger Barton was a regular in the top four scores in the seniors weekly competition. First week back and his score was twenty-eight points. He improved this to thirty- six last week, while this week he assumed his position at the top of the tree with forty points.

Seniors’ captain, Derek Cole, looks to be following the same path. Before his holiday he led the field with thirty-seven points. First week back and his score drops to twenty-four points. We will look with interest to the next eclectic to see if he is able to emulate Roger’s example.

Who is this trying to return his ball to the eighth fairway watched by Rod Clarke and Meirion Griffiths

At the other end of the spectrum Chris Sierwald bemoaned that this was his worst ever score as he propped up the rest of the field. His playing partners claimed that he almost displaced all the sand in one bunker in his attempt to get dig his ball out. The cigar smoke rose lazily into the air as he resigned himself to a blob on that hole.  Seven points ahead of him was Bart Youll who just crept above the twenty mark.

Also complaining that this week was his worst score of the year Stan Hudson could only equal Derek’s twenty-four points. They were joined on that score by Roger Scholfield, Geoff Aston, Hywel Probert and Charles McFee. Jim Martin, on the other hand was kicking himself – again. Last week he scored twenty-three on the way out and ten on the way in. This week he reversed that pattern with fourteen out and twenty-one back. Sorry Jim but you can’t combine the best out and back scores over two weeks.

Ron Murphy was welcomed into the clubhouse with a big cheer. It was nothing to do with his golf. His buggy partner, Hywel Probert had called at his house to take him down to the club but received no answer when he rang the bell. Dreaming of last week’s forty points were you Ron?

Brian Waters has his first attempt to clear the sand on the sixth hole

The fresh breeze and the occasional light shower did its best to keep the temperatures below what was expected. While it made a few shiver at the far end of the course it did not prevent a number of hardy souls from registering a good score. Consistent achievers, Robin Hagley, Keith Hubbard and Jim Moffatt earned their thirty-six points, just one point behind Allen Watts. Allen must have straightened his putter out this week to get back under par.

Do you recognize this senior putting out on the thirteenth? He hails from Trefloyne

Six seniors scored thirty points while another six managed thirty-five points. The winners were above this with Roger leading the way with his forty points. Close behind him on thirty-nine points was another consistent senior, Meirion Griffiths, on thirty-nine points, two ahead of Rod Clarke on thirty- seven points.

This week’s lucky prize draw winner was Ross James. There were six two’s recorded this week two on the sixth and two on the twelfth. Jim Moffatt and Allen Watts had theirs on the sixth while Idwal David and Robin Hagley earned theirs on the twelfth.