Tenby Golf Club is located just under half a mile from the old medieval port of Tenby – easily accessible by rail and road. The Club itself has its roots in the late 19th century and is reputed to be the oldest affiliated Welsh club. Most experts of the sport agree that Tenby offers a magnificent – although challenging – links course. Teeing off here is sure to be a highly memorable experience, not least due to the dazzling effect of the awesome sea views which can suddenly loom up out of nowhere as you follow the route. 

There’s been a thriving golf club here at Tenby since 1888, and we’re immensely proud of the legacy created for present and future golfers. We recently celebrated our 125th anniversary to mark our debt to the past.

As well as possessing a highly regarded golf course, professional coach, and elite sporting facilities, we’re also proud of our busy clubhouse and its animated social life. Tenby is in every respect serious about its golf – but we also know how to enjoy life when the clubs are back in their bags!

We host a regular series of golfing fixtures throughout the year for players of all ages and abilities. These include internal competitions and tournaments, matches with other clubs, and junior events. At Tenby we’re always eager to welcome new members, and we have a variety of attractive deals in the air for anyone curious about joining.