Confusion Reigns

It is the computer that is confused this week, not the seniors – who are confused every week. Hole 9a is a par three and the original hole 9 is a par four. The poor old computer cannot reconcile itself to adjusting the scores as they are entered so that it provides a logical, numerical, binary outcome. The solution is for a computer literate member to transfer all hole 9a scores to the original hole six (temporarily out of commission). Best of luck and be quick, we have our interim presentation next week.

Back to the golf, we can all relate to that and enjoy a morning out on the links, particularly when it remains dry. This week it did remain dry but there was still a penetrating cold wind to contend with, which may have been the reason for the reduced scores. No-one scored in the forties this week, not even Roger Barton. He was not able to achieve a hat-trick of wins. Peter Hart reckons that Roger was reduced to his level of golf, hence the lower score of thirty-three.

Stan Hudson was with them and his score also dropped by seven points from last week. First out on this cold morning David Henry increased his total by seven points as did Jim Moffatt. This made them leaders in the clubhouse. Would they be overtaken by one or more of the thirty-seven starters? Ray Ford added seven to his last week’s score while the ever-steady John Stevenson reduced his by seven.

Seven seems to be a popular number as verified by Hywel Probert, who had quite a few of them on his card. He reduced his previous effort by eight points as did Adrian Palmer and David Morgan. Even Keith Hubbard and Ross James were five and six points down on last week’s score. Was there anyone who could overtake the leaders?

The simple answer is no. David Henry’s score of thirty-nine was one of the first to be computerised and it remained on top of the pile throughout the morning. Jim Moffatt tucked in behind him with thirty-seven as did the very consistent Robin Hagley. Jim’s better back nine gave him the edge. Another consistent scorer, Meirion Griffiths, gained fourth place with a better back nine over Richard Davies and Stan Hudson, all on thirty-six.


There was no hole-in-one this week but there were two twos. Peter Hart scored his on the twelfth while Keith Hubbard achieved his on the eighteenth – another hole to confuse the computer and the seniors.

Alan Jones was the lucky recipient of the raffle prize.