Peter Hughes accepts his Captain’s congratulations.

Alan Yates escaping from the waterlogged 7th

Thirty-three seniors were due to take part in Tuesday’s Eclectic competition. However, seven members peeked out from behind the curtains, listened to the forecast and decided to give the event a miss. One addition to the fold provided a total of twenty-seven participants ready to challenge the course whatever the weather. At least they decided to start – and in a heavy shower of rain.

Their commitment was rewarded as the rain cleared and the clouds raced across the sky. The brisk north westerly wind was evident as each group in turn felt its effects on the outer holes of the course. The occasional glimpse of blue sky brightened up the day as they completed the course.

The cold wind meant that extra layers of clothing were needed and Brian Waters blamed that for the high number of blobs that kept his score below twenty-five. Joining him in the nether regions were Ron Murphy, Alan Yates, Paul Hannah, Geoff Aston and Ray Ford. John Richards was also in this group but he blames that on a run of blobs on holes five to eleven, as did Alan Yates who spread his seven blobs evenly over the course.

Brian Waters finally puts out on 13th – No he’s not holding the flag!

Marginally above this group we find Allen Watts, Idwal David, John Voysey and David Morgan. Allen reckons he had been playing so much bowls that he was shattered. David Morgan blames his lack of points on the worry of Brexit added to his run of one-point holes and three blobs. Idwal declined to give his excuse – sorry reason.

David Morgan drives off the 5th.

Bob Voysey found that the course has a habit of biting back as he ended up with twenty- nine points this week. Again over half the group scored thirty or more points with the usual names ending up in the winners’ enclosure. Alan Jones, (37), Stan Hudson (36) and David Henry (36) continue to show their consistency but ending up just outside the prize money.

Meirion Griffiths just missed out this week. His thirty-eight points was enough to put him in fourth place but not enough to gain any financial reward. However, Jim Moffatts thirty-eight points was good enough as he fell into place behind this week’s top two. Ross James beat him by one point to claim second place.

Freed from the anxieties of having a side bet with our captain this week Peter Hughes was able to concentrate just on his golf and topped the field with a superb forty-three points – thirteen points better than Derek.

Despite the cold, the wind and the rain there were three two’s this week, all scored on the same hole – hole 9 (a). They were Meirion Griffiths, Derek Jones and Mick Seal. Joining this group in the money stakes was Rod Clarke, not for scoring a two but for having his number drawn out of the bag in the raffle.