We have recently formed a Dune Erosion Sub-Committee.  This team headed by Wyndham Collins have been working hard on a cost effective solution to try and restore the dunes adjacent to the 12th and 5th holes.


If you have walked Penally beach recently you will see a series of stakes in the foreshore over a distance of around 200 metres.  Pictured is work that started on Monday 16th with our valuable volunteer teams to attach paling to the stakes.  The paling (or fence) then serves to trap sand as the wind blows, and build up a low dune which helps provide a buffer against wave action.  If the dune is eroded by storms or high tides, the fencing should remain as  a barrier.  The fence also discourages access from the beach into the fore dunes.

Final stages of development

Members of the Dune Erosion Sub-Committee 

(left to right) Nic Rogers, Roger Barton, Idwal David, Tony Key, John Gilman, Richard Reed, Wyndham Collins taking the picture.