Derek Cole congratulates Steve Allen on his team’s success

Well not so much hot as luke warm. It was a pleasantly warm day with a brisk breeze, which only warranted some extra cover during the two isolated showers. Steve Cole had been draughted in to replace Stan Hudson, recovering from infection. Well, Derek Cole had to have someone good so he chose his namesake, hoping to give his team a good start.

They almost succeeded as they duelled it out with Steve Allen and Mike Foley, even taking a two-hole lead at one stage. Derek earned the ‘bandit’ label when he parred the first four holes on the back nine, Steve Cole declaring that he was just there for moral support. However, Steve Allen and his partner were determined to curb their progress and cut back the deficit. This they did and they were all happy and relieved (I think!) to shake hands on the eighteenth having earned a half.

 Keith Hubbard and Phil Carpenter, on the other hand, did not relish the walk all the way down to the seventeenth green just to struggle all the way back up to the eighteenth. They put all their energy into finalising their match on the sixteenth with a four and three win over Phil Woolcott and Jim Steele. They looked quite pleased with themselves.

Tenby’s man in white panama attempts a long putt on the sixteenth

Alan Sayers and Mick Whale, on the other hand, were hanging their heads with disappointment as they conceded a similar score to John Rees and Steve Blowers. Three matches in and all things were equal, Derek was pleased.

How did Allen Watts fare? On his own quite well, with his partner, Des Stone, could have been better. Nevertheless, they, well Allen, managed to hold their own against Steve Lewis and Lynn Davies reaching the ninth hole all square. They progressed to the fifteenth with a two-hole deficit, but recovered one of them on the sixteenth.  Des’s contribution was to win the seventeenth giving them some hope of success.

The two players with a shot, Lynn and Des, both put themselves out of the scoring  each with an indifferent drive off the tee, leaving Allen and Steve to battle it out. Allen was on the green in two, Steve was just off. Chipping in Steve gave himself a twenty-foot putt while Allen cosied his close to the hole. With great delight, Steve putted out for his par and conceded Allen’s short putt. An honourable half was a just result and they all shook hands.

It was two apiece when David Rees and Bob Forrest walked in. They were beaming from ear to ear, but was it because of the golf or was it because they had been entertained all the way round? Perhaps it was both as Mick Dunthane supported by Andy Couleridge had entertained them from hole one to eighteen. Despite the laughter and smiles, Dave and Bob opened up a two-hole lead. They were able to maintain this lead and even increase it as they revelled in this well prepared course. They ended up with a three and two win, also avoiding the last two holes.

Roger Scholfield powers his way down the par five ninth, supervised by Steve

The course was in great condition and a joy to play, unless you found the trees. Peter Williams summed up the main difficulty, which was the approach shot from about 100yds. Any ball landing on the greens or close to the green found its way off the back. That should not have been a problem for Tenby golfers but it took some adjusting to on the grassy fairways. A number of holes were lost as a result. Peter was accompanied by John Richards as they battled it out against Chris Topliss and Clive Frankton. It took them too long to adjust to the course and they lost by four and three. Consolation for John was scoring a two on one of the par three holes. Sorry John we don’t have a two’s competition.

Steve Decosimo and Roger Scholfield went home happy. It would have been nice if it had been because of their game. Not so but they each had the consolation of winning a bottle of wine in the raffle. Unfortunately, they came off second best on the course as the consistent John James along with Tony Royland ended their hopes when John birdied the seventeenth. Roger had improved his contribution this week, making the most of a number of shots he received. Also Steve was able to keep them in the game with rewarding halves.

The last pair in also had to play the last two holes. Ross James and Barry Neale had engaged Ted Buckett and Dave Phipps in a close match all the way round this course. Unfortunately, their match ended on the seventeenth with a two and one defeat.

In announcing a five and three win for Harford Derek was full of praise for the spirit of the afternoon, the course, the food and the kindred spirit enjoyed by both clubs and looked forward to next year’s encounter.