The sun was shining down on the righteous last Tuesday, well perhaps not the righteous, more the fortunate. And there was no-one more fortunate than Bart Youll who managed to slide into the clubhouse without anyone being aware that he had scored his very first Hole-in-One on the sixth green. Senior members only began to realise that something was up when Bart was seen standing by the bar alongside a tray holding a bottle of Whiskey and numerous glasses. It wasn’t so much a look of excitement, more a self-satisfied look of contentment as he embraced the shouts of congratulations from the thirty-two members present.

Bart Youll pleased with his first Hole in One

Those who had gone up town to the Pancake Race in Tudor Square, instead of driving to the Links, missed out on a superb day of golf. Clear blue skies, gentle breeze and a calm sea enhanced the stunning backdrop – almost enough to put one off one’s stroke.

This was a Greensome fourball competition to help seniors relax before the final eclectic game next week. With the best drive on each hole to choose from some high scores were expected and such was the case with the top three teams scoring forty plus.
Every pair scored at least thirty with ‘Warren Hacker’ and partner Keith Hubbard making sure that thirty was the lowest score of the day. One above them were John Richards and John Hayhoe. Hywel Probert was suffering with a sore calf muscle, which made it a very uncomfortable experience for him. Despite that, he and his partner Des Stone managed to head the groups on thirty-three points. Allen Watts and Ron Murphy as well as John Voysey and Mick Whale fell in line behind them.

John Vosey putts out watch by his playing partners

Winning the weekly draw was a consolation for Jim Moffatt as he and Peter Hart were the only team on thirty-five. Bart’s H-in-1 was the highlight of his and Steve Sutcliffe performance as they returned a score of thirty-six along with Idwal David and Roger Scholfield as well as Chris Beecher and Robin Hagley.

Playing his first match with the seniors, following his lay-off, David Rees had Richard Davies to help him to a respectable thirty-seven points.


Reesy’s back!

Two high-flying seniors, Ross James and Peter Hughes must have been disappointed with their thirty-seven points, which put them outside the top three. Making his first appearance with the senior group Jonathan Goldsmith was paired with Peter Williams and they proved a very steady team. But for a couple putting errors they also could have been in the forties. However they had to content with thirty-nine and fourth place.

Chris Goldsmith teeing off on the 12th

Geoff Aston was in the winners enclosure for the second time this year as he and Paul Hannah made third place with a score of forty. Five points better than them was the pairing of last week’s winner, Roger Barton, aided and abetted by Derek Jones. They were, however out done by this week’s winners, Charlie McFee and the consistent Meirion Griffiths.
Mick Whale was left in charge as Derek Cole had to fulfil his half-Term duties and he can step in anytime if he can provide the level of warm sunshine that was experienced this week.

Vice Captain Mick Whale flanked by Charlie McFee and Meirion Griffiths