This type of membership allows you play throughout the year at a reduced cost. Just pay an additional on-the-spot fee when you turn up and want to play. You start off by making an initial payment of £265 to cover your annual membership fee. Subsequently, each time you want to play, simply book a tee slot and pay a £10 “pay-as-you-go” fee – £15 during weekends. If you’re busy it gives you the freedom to focus on your golf when time allows.

Although you may not get all the frills accompanying full membership it gives you the right to participate in competitions and to play when time and opportunity allows. So if you only get the occasional chance to dust off your clubs, this is the best deal for you.

Tenby is among the top ten ranked clubs in Wales, so playing here is a genuine prize. Add on the wonderful setting and great leisure facilities and we think this deal is pretty much irresistible!