A smiling Mick Whale commiserates with Bernard Davies

It was a more than delighted Mick Whale who stood up at Newport Golf Club to respond to Bernard Davies, their seniors’ captain. As is his custom Mick proceeded to thank the opposition for their very warm welcome before declaring the results of each match. However, on this occasion, he did not include the individual scores. Displaying a huge smile, he did announced the overall result, which was a win for Tenby by 41/2 to 31/2 and went on to claim all the credit.

Well in all fairness, on this occasion he was not the last to arrive, that honour went to John Hayhoe. With the help of his partner, Alan Sayers, Mick set about his business on the course. Tenby’s opening pair established a four-hole lead only to have it brought back to all square. Bernard’s partner, Dai Hunt, was instrumental in this when he came within four inches of scoring an eagle on the par five seventh hole. Alan drove the green on the eighteenth but arrived at the expected spot and failed to find his ball – some wandering visitor had picked it up and taken it with her. He was, graciously, allowed to drop a ball and he and Mick went on to win the hole, completing the round two up.

Two of the Alen’s on the course, Alan Jones and Alan Jeffreys alongside Tony Morris

Alan Jones was out with Des Stone as his partner this week and they were up against Alan Jeffrey and Tony Morris. With a measure of good fortune and a modicum of skill they reached the fifth hole three up before losing their first hole. The three-hole lead was re-established and increased to five by the end of the ninth. Each of the next four holes was halved, thanks to Alan, and he went on to win the fourteenth to complete a six and four victory.

Steve Decosimo was on good form this week as he and Allen Watts shared a buggy around this enjoyable course. Tony Bailey and Langley Forrest were full of praise for Steve’s game as he and Allen proceeded to open up a lead. They were able to maintain their dominance as they tried to avoid the long grass, which constituted the rough. Steve was delighted with his two two’s, scored on consecutive holes, fifteen and sixteen. They ended up four holes to the good with three left to play.

The other winning pair was that of Peter Williams and Gareth Davies. Both put in a good performance as they overcame the challenge from Gethin Griffiths and Martin Rosser. Peter was delighted with his birdie two on the sixteenth which enabled them to complete their victory by four and three.

David Rees and Stan Hudson follow on behind Langley Forrest

Roger Scholfield and Idwal were out there trying to overcome the challenge from the home pair, Alan Griffiths and Phil Johns. Roger was suffering with hay fever while Idwal was just suffering, losing a few balls in the process. Roger was receiving a few shots from Alan but, unfortunately, he was not able to capitalize on this advantage. As a result they lost out by five and three.

Also on the losing side were Phil Carpenter and John Hayhoe. They were unable to overcome the home advantage, which was taken by Alan Rogers and John Viner. Newport won this one by two and one. Bob Forrest and John Richards suffered the same fate as they succumbed to Nick Cowland and Geraint Hughes, five and four down.

The final result, which did not fall into either a win or a loss category, was the one played out by Stan Hudson and David Rees. Their tussle against Barry Onions and Kevin Duggan went down to the wire and could have gone either way. As it was, they shook hands on the final hole having earned a half for the team.

Bob Forrest and John Richards on the 18th

Whatever the result all seemed to have enjoyed the match, played among friends, on a warm, sunny day with a challenging brisk breeze, blowing in off the Irish Sea. As they drove over the Preseli’s to reach Newport they feared the worst as the cloud was low and thick and a light rain put a dampener on their hopes. By the time coffee and rolls were consumed the sun had appeared and everyone was smiling, ready to meet the challenge.

As a footnote there seemed to be a lot of Alans on today’s team sheets. There were in fact six seniors with that name – three on each team. Only two were in the same four-ball, Alan Jones and Alan Jeffreys so one of them had to lose. However, all the rest won their matches.