Meet Graham More, Owner of More Wealth Management whom are proud  to be a Prime Sponsor of Tenby Golf Club.

As the Principal of More Wealth Management, his business is perfectly  placed to help you navigate your way through the complex world of  Financial Management. As a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth  Management, you will have the peace of mind knowing that More Wealth  Management provide guaranteed expert advice.

As a father, with close family across Pembrokeshire, Graham is aware of  wanting to do the best for his own family, which is why he understands that each family’s needs are unique. He works closely with each client to ensure that their future goals and aspirations are met and to take the stress out of planning for the future, so you can enjoy more precious time with your family in the beautiful area we live in. This may involve:

  • Retirement Planning – How to maximise your Pension benefits and taking advantage of the new unprecedented changes to the UK Pension rules.
  • Investment Planning – How to protect your Cash against the eroding effects of inflation and taxation in the ‘Low Interest Rate’ world that we now live. How to maximise the income potential from your capital.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning – How to structure your family assets in a tax efficient manner to ensure they are passed to the right person at the right time and to ensure that they are not inherited by the taxman.
  • Corporate Financial Planning – Protecting and Growing business assets tax efficiently while reducing Corporation Tax and minimising the impact of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax for Company Directors.

More Wealth Management are passionate about helping you make the most of your retirement, so you can just enjoy life. As an avid golfer and member of Tenby Golf Club, Graham knows how important it is to work on your handicap!

Graham says… ‘With the ever changing economic climate and seemingly constant changing of rules and legislation effecting everybody, there has never been a greater need for good, valued and trusted financial advice. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate through this ever changing complex financial world and I am extremely happy to welcome anybody who may need help.’

More Wealth Management’s offices are situated right in the middle of Narberth High Street, nestled between the bustling shops and cafes, and has an open door policy.  Pop in to say hello, ask a question, or enquire about getting some advice. Or you could always invite him for a round of golf, we hear he needs the practice!

Alternatively, if you would like to have a personal, no obligation review of your finances, please contact Graham on 01834 861862 or visit his website

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