Our on-site golf professional is the top award-winning coach, Rhys Harry, who takes pride in coaching players at all levels, and helping to bring out the best in their play. Rhys believes that golf is so much more than a mechanical process, and must be instilled over many hours of practice and application. He inspires his students – whether young or old – to progress by watching and understanding the subtleties of the game. And Rhys sums his philosophy up neatly with this phrase: “We do not teach golf, we coach players!” On top of that he aims to put all golfers – particularly new and younger players – at their ease and to offer constant warmth and encouragement.

An outstanding player in his own right, Rhys was awarded the tile of Welsh PGA Professional of the Year at the Ryder Cup Dinner five years ago, and has played a crucial part in nurturing emerging golfing talent throughout Tenby and west Wales. As well as helping to introduce youngsters to golf in local schools, Rhys has also been appointed the South West Wales Academy coach – after achieving marked success coaching Welsh Ladies Amateur star, Becky Harries.

Rhys was a Top 10 Qualifier from the European School of Excellence and also secured a Titleist Award for outstanding excellence.

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