Now that the Government rules on exercise have been modified slightly, we can at last look forward to getting back on to the Golf course.

We are pleased to say that we will be re-opening the course as of next Wednesday 20th May.

On-line booking will be available via Master Scoreboard from 0800 hrs on Saturday 16 May.  If you haven’t logged on to Master Scoreboard for a while, or you cannot remember your password, please contact the office before the weekend for assistance.

Obviously there will be a number of legislative restrictions that we will have to adhere to and the whole process to follow is shown below:-


  • Booking and Arrival
  • Check in and Pro Shop Protocol
  • Clubhouse and Facilities
  • To the 1st Tee
  • On the Course
  • Getting Home Safely
  • Ensuring the Safety of Our Staff

These procedures are in line with Government guidelines and the latest directions from our golfing governing bodies.

We are taking advice from these sources very seriously and expect our members and staff to comply at all times.  As safety is of paramount importance, non-compliance may lead to disciplinary action.

Accordingly, set out below are the arrangements we have put in place to facilitate a safe resumption of playing golf.  These should not be taken as requests – but the RULES that must be adhered to fully – certainly for the time being.  Obviously, these arrangements will be kept under continual review in light of experience and further developments.

The measures we have outlined cover each and every step; from leaving your home, to the 1st tee and back home again.

They are in place at the golf course at all times and seven days a week.

Should you observe anything that you feel falls outside the current legislation and procedures, please politely address the situation at the time and let a member of staff know.

Our procedures are under constant review and will be updated as advice from the Government, health authorities and the sport’s governing bodies evolves in line with the variance of social restrictions.

Course Access

In the initial period following our club’s re-opening, access to the course will be limited to staff and club members.

To access the course a player must:

  • Be a fully paid up member.
  • Have a reserved tee time.
  • Not have been out of the country for at least 14 days prior to play.
  • Not be in self-isolation.
  • Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Booking and Arrival

Booking a tee time in advance is compulsory via Master Scoreboard or e-mail/telephone via the Pro Shop no more than 5 days in advance.  In order that all members have a chance to play a reasonable amount of golf, each golfer may play a maximum of 3 rounds per calendar week. 

  • Tee booking will be from 0730 until 1830 each day. 
  • Golfers should travel to the club alone, or with a member of the same household.
  • Ample car parking spaces are available to enable social distancing.
  • Arrive at the course no more than 15 minutes prior to reserved tee time. Wait in your car if necessary, do not gather.
  • Observe social distancing at all times, always resisting gathering with others.
  • Locker rooms and the Clubhouse are closed. C hange footwear in the car park.
  • Entrance and exit to/from the 1st tee is via the lower car park only.

Pro Shop Protocol 

  • The Pro Shop is not open for any purchases.
  • Social golf only. Initially there will be no competitive golf.
  • The Pro Shop will be manned for managing the tee slots and taking telephone enquiries.
  • Do not enter the Pro Shop. Wait by the table located by the ball dispenser. 

The Clubhouse 

  • The Clubhouse and toilets will remain closed.
  • The changing rooms and lockers are not in use. Please contact the office to arrange a date/time to collect equipment from your locker prior to the date you intend to play and then keep equipment at home.
  • Players must provide own clubs.
  • Buggies are available for hire for single use, and only for those with a medical need to use one.  They will be sanitised after each use.
  • The practice areas and driving range will remained closed until further notice.
  • The patio area is closed, but there is a hand sanitiser station at the bottom of the steps.  Should you notice that the sanitiser is running low, please let a member of staff know. 

To the 1st Tee 

  • Group numbers will be restricted and at 10 minute intervals.
  • The putting green is open, with priority given to the next group teeing off. Only one person (or 2 from the same household) on the putting green at any one time.
  • Players must always observe social distancing.
  • Arrive at 1st tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time. Any players not following the protocols will be asked to leave the golf course for the safety of others.
  • Tee off times must be strictly observed to maintain minimum 10 minute group spacing.
  • No player may play outside of the allowed booked tee times. 

On the Course

  • Social distancing must be observed throughout the course, particularly on the tees and greens.
  • Rubbish bins are out of use. Please take rubbish home with you.
  • Ball washers have been removed.
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. Players must make best efforts to smooth sand using their club or feet.
  • Flagsticks to remain in the hole and must not be touched.
  • Hole cups are inverted for simple, contact free ball retrieval.
  • Once a hole is complete, players must remain on the green until the group in front have exited the tee box.
  • Normal golf etiquette applies for slow play.  If you are holding the group behind you up – let them through.
  • Do not double back to play again if ball is lost (drop a ball instead) unplayable or in a penalty area.
  • Equipment, food and drink must not be exchanged between players.
  • Players must not pick up another player’s equipment or golf ball.
  • Players must refrain from handshakes.
  • The gate from the 1st green will be open to push with a trolley/or foot to avoid touching it. 

Getting Home Safely 

  • Post round, players must return straight to their cars and leave the site.
  • The Club House will remain closed.
  • Ensure clubs and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • Players must call or email the golf club straight away if they experience any post round COVID-19 symptoms. 

Ensuring the Safety of our Staff

Pro Shop Team

The Front of House Pro Shop Team manage all customer facing aspects of the golf club. Our extensive measures will assist with their safety, along with the safety of club members. 

  • One member of staff may be in the Pro Shop, but the shop will not be open initially.
  • Staff provided with appropriate PPE to wear on site.
  • Staff to always remain at least two metres from customers/members.
  • All work areas and contact points are cleaned and sanitised regularly. 


Greenkeepers are isolated on the course for much of the time, with steps taken to minimise the risk of cross-contamination during their shift. 

  • Staggered start and break times to avoid social gathering.
  • Hand sanitiser provided for regular use.
  • Staff to avoid gathering at the greenkeepers’ shed.
  • Machinery fully washed after use, including disinfecting controls. 

Office Staff

The Club Office staff are still working, however, the Clubhouse and Office remain shut. If you need to contact office please e-mail or telephone only.


We are all looking forward to getting back out on our wonderful golf course BUT SAFETY MUST COME FIRST. It is essential that we all play our part and follow these rules, which are for everyone’s benefit.

If, despite these arrangements, you have any doubts about your personal safety you should not risk coming to the club. Wait until such time as you feel totally comfortable to return to playing golf.

The Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.

All official competitions/matches remain suspended/cancelled until further notice.

Whilst the course has been closed there has been much more use of the course areas by the general public. Please be mindful of this, and be careful whilst playing.

These guidelines will change in time, and as they do we will let you know.