This week’s happy winner, Adrian Palmer

Seniors’ captain, Mick Whale, and Club Secretary, David Hancock, had both reminded golfers to ensure that they adhered to the G.U.R. rule on the marked fairways and drop and place their ball outside the line, no nearer than the hole. There was no discussion about it in the clubhouse afterwards so the message must have got through – at last!

Hywel Probert negotiates the third fairway

There was a good turnout for the ‘bonfire special’ this week with seniors’ attendance reaching forty. Someone had lit the blue touch paper to set the sparks flying with twenty-seven out of the forty scoring thirty points or more. Conditions were good. There was no rain, the rough was not wet and the greens were slick’n quick, thanks to the new greens iron. Having said that a few still came up a bit short in their approach to the hole.

There were seven bright sparklers, who revelled in the immaculate greens, each scoring a two. Richard Davies was the only one to get one on the sixth. Brian Waters and Peter Hart earned theirs on the twelfth while, Tim Edwards, Keith Hubbard, Steve Sutcliffe and Allen Watts were close enough to scoop theirs on the seventeenth.

Not all seniors sparkled or fizzed, there were a few dud fireworks handing in a card below their best. These included Brian Waters, Glenn Smith, Derek Cole and Bob Forrest. David Rees had a dud back nine managing a disappointing eight points after scoring twenty on the way out. David Henry has plummeted like a spent rocket from forty-one a few weeks ago, to thirty-one and, this week, twenty-seven. The only way is up!

Steve Sutcliffe putts out on the sixth green

The top ten sparklers this week all scored thirty-five or above. Jim Moffatt has jumped from twenty-nine to thirty-five. One above him was Allen Watts on thirty-six while Phil Carpenter and Robin Hagley both scored thirty-seven. Alan Sayers, David Blackmore and Steve Sutcliffe all shared thirty-eight points, which left just three rocket assisted astronauts in the rarefied atmosphere close to forty. While they both scored thirty-nine points, Peter Hart had a better back nine than last week’s winner, Tony Ranoe, so he was rewarded with second place. The highest achiever this week, with a score of forty-four points was a very happy Adrian Palmer – ready to make his mark in this year’s eclectic competition.

Phil Carpenter left the club with a smile, he won this week’s draw.

Tony Ranoe on the second on his way to twenty-three points front nine