The last time Ron played for the seniors team was against Trefloyne on 3rd September, 2019

Most of the seniors out on the course on Tuesday would have seen the Air Ambulance, as it approached the golf course, looped around the fourteenth green and descend onto the course. All would have realised that some-one was in need of assistance and hoping that the paramedics had the situation under control.

Ron starting his round on the 15th on a frosty morning in 2017

Unfortunately, each group, as it arrived back at the club, was greeted with the very sad news that one of its members had collapsed and, unfortunately, had not survived. Ron Murphy started his round in good spirit but he was not going to complete it. He had forgotten to put his name down on the start sheet, and when he enquired about a spot became aware that his regular playing partner had withdrawn. Ron promptly stated that he would take his place.

As the seniors filtered into the clubhouse the mood became serious and sombre. The gravity of the situation took hold conversation was muted and scores became irrelevant. Ron was a regular participant of all senior events and well liked by all. A man of firm and definite opinions he was prepared to voice those opinions and beliefs when invited. He had been a regular member of Tenby Golf Club for many years and, in his younger days, a single handicap golfer. That was evident in his short game, which he maintained to the end.

Air ambulance outside the clubhouse

Having played alongside him on many occasions I will miss his stoical approach to life and his gentle humour. I am sure that all senior members would like to join me in extending our condolences and sympathy to his family. Ron’s presence at the club will be missed, the seniors have lost a valued member. He enjoyed his golf and the company it provided right to the very end.