John Richards, Steve Sutcliffe, Steve Decosimo, Bob Forrest, Allen Watts, Gethin Evans, David Rees and  Des Stone after their round at Neath

Eight seniors travelled to Neath Golf Club to take part in their Seniors Open Competition on the last day of July, the third hottest day on record. Last to arrive was Des Stone who had spent half an hour driving round the Neath area in circles, having taken a wrong turning. There was still enough time to register but no time to practice on the extremely fast putting surface.

Steve Decosimo on his last putt and thirty-three points watched by Steve Sutcliffe and Gethin Evans with David Rees and Allen Watts in the background

The heat of the day was all-enveloping punctuated with gentle breeze in some exposed areas. High on the escarpment, the views were superb, as always, as the group traversed the undulating hilltop. On the one side the Bristol Channel and South Wales coastline towards The Mumbles, while on the other was the excellent view of the Swansea Valley towards Merthyr and the Brecon Beacons.

The course was well prepared with extremely fast putting surfaces. The speed of the greens, combined with some the undulations and slopes, made for some very frustrated golfers. On many holes, almost everyone in the group found their ball further from the pin than when they took their first putt. On a couple of holes, the ball ended up further away from its starting point as it was rolled up the slope towards the pin, only to stop and roll back down again. A few minor, and some major, adjustments had to be made.

Bob Forrest – first to tee off

As a result any score of 30+ was to be commended and there two in the Tenby group to be commended. All enjoyed the experience and were just happy to be playing the course once more.

There were a couple of rebounds off the wall on the first tee. Bob Forrest and Allen Watts found their balls, which had taken 90 degree turns, while David Rees lost his ball over the top of the wall. While they all recovered it took Allen a few holes to re-adjust his swing to get back in the groove.

A few balls were lost along the way but the smiles remained to the last hole, reflecting the enjoyment of the occasion. Allen Watts ended up with twenty-two points, three behind Des Stone on twenty-five. Steve Sutcliffe and Bob Forrest both managed twenty-seven, two behind John Richards and David Rees on twenty-nine. Gethin Evans made the most of his last putt to reach thirty but the best of the bunch was Steve Decosimo with a well-earned thirty-three points.

Best wishes are extended to the senior members taking part in this year’s Claret Jug Competition on Wed. 5th August at Carmarthen.

David Rees and Allen Watts show the way down the pit