Glenn Smith (again) flanked by David Henry and Derek Cole

All thirty-three seniors who turned up on Tuesday had set off to brave the winds in an effort to improve their eclectic score. The dark clouds to the south-west gave them a clue as to what was about to happen. The wind picked up and the rain, laden with hail, engulfed them. Umbrellas were opened and buggies turned to face the wind but they still got wet – very wet. One senior who had left his wet weather bottoms in his car ended up with sodden trousers. Fortunately, the wind dried them out by the time they competed the course.

Roger Barton closes his result with a putt on the eighteenth

The forecast proved accurate and the clouds cleared, but the wind persisted as they all tried to maintain balance over eighteen holes. As in previous weeks, scores were kept below forty with thirty-six being the highest achieved, the same as last week.

Five who had signed up to play thought better of it and decided to remain in the warmth of their home. A total of thirty-two took to the course despite the weather conditions. Such is the improvement of playing in the wind there was only one senior with a score lower than twenty points this week. Seventeen of those involved were in the twenties.

Bob Wiseman and John Hayhoe both scored twenty while above them on twenty-five was an improved Richard Davies joined by Peter Hart and Dudley Williams.  Captain Mick Whale joined Jim Martin on twenty-seven, one above a group of five, which included Bob Forrest, Stan Hudson, Meirion Griffiths, David Rees and Brian Waters.

Newman Vincent tee-d up on the eighteenth, needing only one point to reach thirty. His drive trundled fifteen yards to the left and, from the long grass, he managed to get his ball another ten yards closer to the green. His next shot ended up in the bunker, which meant four shots with his ball nowhere near the green. It was a disappointing finish to what had been a good round. His driving was back to normal and he scored three points on four or more holes. Joining him on twenty-nine points were Jim Moffatt and the winner of this week’s raffle, Charlie McFee.

Tony Ranoe and Roger Scholfield edged into the thirty-one group with a better back nine than Robin Hagley and Des Stone. John Richards (34) and Phil Carpenter (33) just stayed clear of Brian Jones (making a guest appearance),Keith Hubbard and Gareth Davies, all on thirty-two.

John Richards retrieves his ball from the water on the fifteenth

Derek Cole, on thirty-five points, earned third place by virtue of a better back nine than Stephen Cole and Roger Barton.

Top of the pile this week saw two seniors on thirty-six points. David Henry was nudged into second spot by the same player who won last week’s competition, and with the same score, Glenn Smith. He must now be on the leader board in this year’s eclectic net and gross competitions. With one more eclectic competition to play there are still places to play for at the top.

Everyone was in as the second downpour, even heavier than the first, could be seen, and heard, through the windows. Mick Whale praised all present for their commitment and persistence (or is that stubbornness?). He then informed the group that forty+ new shirts had been ordered and would be processed through the pro’s shop.

Bob Wiseman makes his way up the eleventh fairway

Newman Vincent driving the fifth