Below is a detailed description of each hole of the course as decribed by Rhys Harry, GDW Welsh PGA Professional of the Year and Tenby Head Professional.

Rhys takes you through each hole, identifying scoring opportunities, card wreckers and providing general hole descriptions.

Tenby – Hole 1 – Danny Carew

A par 4 from the Championship Tees, and a re –designed par 5 from the Medal Tees. The 1st has a rolling fairway away from the club house with Out of Bounds running down the left hand side. A tee shot sent towards the imposing Black Rock to the right hand side is a good line but the undulating fairway can leave you a blind approach to the green. The approach shot is usually played from an awkward lie on even ground remember that the ball flight tends to match the contours of the ground. A large green with subtle slopes, but beware of thick rough surrounding the green. Play this hole sensibly, as a par 5, and you might reap the reward.

Tenby – Hole 2 – Tom Grant

A favourite of mine; a simple looking par 4 that runs fairly straight from tee to green. The green is protected with a narrow entrance and a shot hit short and right can easily spin into the deep greenside pot bunker. The green has several large slopes and many a promising card has been compromised here. A great hole to unleash a driver with the promise of being able to hit a mid iron into the green.

Tenby – Hole 3 – Dai Rees

Dai Rees The former Welsh Ryder Cup Player / Captain loved this hole so much it was named after him. Thick rough dominates the dunes running the length of the right hand side of the fairway. A precision tee shot is needed here to allow any view of the green. The approach shot to the green is what earns this hole its stroke index of 1. The green is raised on a plateau and anything other than an accurate iron shot will kick off sharply to the left or right, an imposing pot bunker guards the front left. The green slopes steeply from back to front which can make putting a nerve-wracking experience on fast summer greens.

Sensible play is to leave yourself short of the green and right of the pot bunker and putt your way to safety.

Tenby – Hole 4 – The Bell

A great par 4 running alongside South Beach. Teeing off an elevated tee from the beach side of the dunes, a short drive leaves you on a plateau with a second shot blind, into the prevailing wind. A long drive can catapult you down deep into the valley below but the reward is only being able to hit a shot / mid iron as the Punchbowl Green will remain hidden by a hill.

Tenby – Hole 5 – Swn Y Mor

A short par 4 with a magnificent beach tee. Practically standing on south Beach you now head inland to negotiate this short, but tricky par 4. An undulating fairway can catch a perfect drive and throw it off line leaving a tricky shot into a well guarded green. Four front pot bunkers and a narrow sloping green will test the greatest of players.

Tenby – Hole 6 – Lifters Cottage

The first and shortest par 3 on the course. Anything short will fall into deep grass or gorse so club selection is important if you are to hit the small green.

Pot Bunkers lurk to the left and the 10th green is immediately behind. Trust the yardage and hit it firm middle.

Tenby – Hole 7 – Railway

A long Par 4 running alongside the railway line with out of bounds down the right. Generally played into the prevailing wind. The perfect landing area for your drive is guarded by bunkers left and right. If you find the fairway, smile, then try and club yourself correctly to land on the green. Take note of the pin position as the green is tiered which makes putting tricky.

Tenby – Hole 8 – Penally Butts

A tight par 4 which runs adjacent to the Penally firing range. Out of bounds markers run the length of the right hand side of this hole; with the fairway sloping from left to right and a new bunker on the right, an accurate tee shot is needed. The approach to an angled green is guarded by a pot bunker situated to the left. You can always hit more club than you think into this green.

Tenby – Hole 9 – Jenkins’s View

A spectacular par 4 with fine views of Tenby South Beach. Driving from an elevated tee the player needs to find a narrow fairway which snakes between several deep bunkers. The sloping green is surrounded by deep rough and partially obscured by a large hill on the right hand side. The premium here is on driving accuracy, a well placed shot will leave you a chance to hit this tricky green.

Tenby – Hole 10 – James Braid

The back 9 starts with a wonderful par four, generally played down wind, with rough humps and hollows down the left and a scattering of bunkers. A long drive will leave you a short iron shot into a green that slopes from right to left. But if the wind changes direction you may have to play the hole like a par 5 !

Tenby – Hole 11 – Giltar

My favourite par four; sea views, undulating terrain, rough, pot bunkers and an upturned saucer for a green. Played into the wind it really makes you think where you need to hit your next shot from.

Tenby – Hole 12 – Y Ddau Gwm

A signature par 3, 193 yards from the Medal Tees with South Beach to your right waiting to catch any errant tee shots. The tee shot needs to carry all the way to the green or it will fall into one of two deep valleys which surround the green.
A par on this hole is always welcome

Tenby – Hole 13 – Duneside

A driveable par four when conditions are favourable. The tee position often makes the drive blind so precision is key. Leaving yourself a sensible pitch or a long chip and run into the well protected green is vital.

Tenby – Hole 14 – Black Rock

The 14th is the longest hole on the course. Strategically placed bunkers are scattered both sides of the fairway to catch any wayward drives. Longer hitters may be able to reach the green with their second shot but accuracy is required to avoid bunkers left and right. You must stay right with approach into this narrow green as the ground contours throw the ball to the left of the green where a deep valley awaits.

Tenby – Hole 15 – Ernie Fitchett

The 15th is a tricky par 4 into the wind that requires a draw over water to find the fairway. A mid iron taken over or left of the pot bunker guarding the green entrance leaves a putt on a rewarding green.

Tenby – Hole 16 – Four Winds

A tricky par 5 from the Medal tees with a bunker catching the errant tee shot on the right. There is a stream to cross if you wish to leave yourself a pitch shot as your third. The green is raised on a plateau so the approach shot must carry all the way to the hole. The green is a challenge in its own right with sharp slopes from back to front and left to right.

Tenby – Hole 17 – View O’Caldey

A stunning par 3 played from an elevated tee with fine views of the course and Caldey Island and Giltar Head. Trees, bushes and bunkers surround the green. The green slopes from Left to Right and a well placed tee shot often falls just short of the green and hops and skips on to the dance floor. The hole is played severely down hill , so take one club less than normal and trust your club selection.

Tenby – Hole 18 – Charlie’s Whiskers

A long, straight drive will provide a good view of the green for the second shot. However, a wall borders the left hand side of this fairway – anything in, on or over the wall is out of bounds so many players deliberately aim well to the right with their drive. The drawback is that you are then left with a blind shot into the final green.

There is a bit of dead ground between the end of the fairway and the putting surface and many people under club. But be wary of the out of bounds behind the green, also Charlie’s Whiskers to the right of the green, get caught in them and you could have a tricky chip to the green.