Hole-in-one expert Meirion Griffiths

It may have been raining and the hail may have covered the road on the way into town but thirty-three, out of the thirty-five seniors who put their name down to play, turned up for one final effort to improve their winter eclectic score. They were rewarded with the passing of the dark clouds to reveal some bright sunshine. However, this did not last and everyone out on the course was subject to some cold, wet, blustery interludes, cold enough make the fingertips tingle.

Triple winner Glenn Smith

‘Duw it’s hard,’ seemed to be the common complaint as soggy cards were handed over, to be placed in order on the table. Nineteen of the day’s complement were unable to reach the thirty points score line but only one of those scored less than twenty. Nevertheless, there was a 1-2-3 in among the scores.

1 – Meirion Griffiths scored a Hole-in-one on the eighteenth hole. He and his playing partners admired his drive and thought that it had landed close to the hole. It was only when they reached the green and could not see the ball that they realised it was in the hole. Whisky all round in the clubhouse.

2 – This proved to be a double for Meirion. He had scored a hole-in-one on the same hole around the same time last year, so achieving the double.

2 – Keith Hubbard scored a two on the eighteenth, his ball ending up six inches from the pin, while two other seniors managed a two in their rounds, Tony Ranoe on hole 9a, and Charles McFee on the seventeenth.

David Henry actually gets out of bunker on the 16th

3 – Glenn Smith achieved the treble. He had won the competition over the last two weeks and added to that by winning this week’s competition with a grand total of thirty-nine points. It will be interesting to see if this score affects the final result in the three competitions – The Net Eclectic, the Gross Eclectic and the Order of Merit (best six scores).

The course was lit up with the glow from Idwal David who cruised the course, just like he cruised the world. He did complain that we had not provided the best weather for his return and was informed that we had improved it, just for him to score twenty-six. This put him alongside Newman Vincent.

Below that, on twenty-two points was group who did not like the cold and were delighted to sit in the warmth of the clubhouse, Dudley Williams, Peter Hart, Richard Davies and Derek Cole. Charlie McFee may have scored a two, but, along with Craig Wilkinson and Robin Hagley, he failed to reach the thirty points marker.

Stan Hudson on the fairway


Warren hacked his way around the course to a creditable thirty-three points and when asked how he enjoyed his round replied that he had scored on every hole except the ones he missed. He was, however, the best in his group outscoring Bob Forrest (31pts) and David Lamb (25pts).

Captain Mick Whale made the most of a hot shower to get rid of the cold in his bones and when asked,declared that he and his playing partner, Derek Cole, scored forty-five points – BETWEEN THEM!

Glenn Smith may have won the day, but he was closely followed by two other contenders for the Eclectic, Adrian Palmer along with Roger Barton, both on thirty-eight pts. Previous winner, Jim Martin followed in with thirty-seven, while Allen Watts and Gareth Davies ended up with thirty-six. Keith Hubbard and Des Stone bridged the gap between them and Stephen Cole with thirty-four pts each.

Next week they all meet again for the John Cook Trophy followed a week later by the presentation.

Adrian Palmer on his way to 38pts