Steve Sutcliffe ‘executing’ the shot of the day on the eleventh, witnessed by John Stevenson

Seen that pose before – John Richards launches his 2nd shot on the second hole

At some times on the course the number of buggies, each with single occupant, looks rather like the wagons in the old western movies, with pioneers as they traversed the prairies. Fortunately, the fairways are green again so there was no dust, but we were blessed with a warm and sunny day.

Twenty-nine seniors took to the links this week to try and maintain a good score in the Summer Competition, with best six out of ten scores to find a winner. The standard of scoring was maintained at a high level, despite the challenges posed by the thick rough. Only one senior fell below the twenty mark, and only ten seniors languished in the twenties this week.

Ross James was unable to equal last week’s forty-one points as he shared a score of twenty-eight points with John Barrett and Glen Smith, falling from thirty-two and thirty-five respectively. Another to lose points this week was David Lamb. His thirty-six points last week was reduced to twenty points this week and close to him on the result sheet was Idwal David with a score of twenty-six points, seven points less than last week.

At the other end of the scale, Bob Forrest added eight points to his last week’s score, to give him a score of thirty-nine. Up there with him were Steve Decosimo and Chris Lawrence who jumped from twenty-seven to thirty-eight.

Stan Hudson was hoping for high score with a good front nine holes but the heavy rough took its toll on the final holes to leave him with a score of thirty-one. There was a degree of consistency from the middle group with a number either equalling last week’s score, or ending up within two points. They included Brent Davies (35), John Richards (35), Keith Hubbard (33), David Blackmore (32), Barry Neale (32) and Steve Sutcliffe (30).

Getting closer – David Lamb putting on the 16th with Chris Lawrence keeping an eye

One name has not been mentioned, and that is because he was the only senior to reach forty-two points. Taking the honours and top prize was this week’s winner Mick Seal.

Steve Decosimo took the honours with two two’s this week, one on the sixth and one on the seventeenth. Idwal David and Barry Neale joined him with their two’s on the sixth while Keith Hubbard, John Richards and Allen Watts scored theirs on the twelfth.

Since the last report Steve Sutcliffe now knows that he will be playing Charlie McFee in the next round of the Knockout competition. Robin Hagley is also through but faces this week’s winner, Mick Seal. Gareth Davies and John Stevenson are the final opponents to complete the list.

Best wishes are extended to those taking part in the Neath Seniors Open this Friday and also to those members competing in the Claret Jug at Carmarthen on 7th August. Stay safe.

Steve Cole putts out on the 13th watched by John Barrett and Glenn Smith