John Hancock, Idwal David, Paul Bradley, Allen Watts and Stan Hudson watch david Blackmore drive the first

The answer is a most resounding – yes. Dai Cope had joined the seniors’ group for a day out at the Gower Golf Club and he would not have been blamed for being a trifle apprehensive. He started with a birdie on the long downhill first hole. He demonstrated his mettle and resolve when he found himself in the bunker next to the green. A deft chip out ended up in the hole to give him a flying four-point start.

A par and a two-point bogey followed and he was on his way to a good score. A couple of blobs on this hilly course just kept him out of the prizes with his thirty-four points score, but there will be more to come. Welcome to the old f—-, folks, fogeys club.

It was a day to be enjoyed, as the sun brought its warmth and the twenty-eight seniors arrived in good spirit. That spirit waned slightly when John Richards discovered that his trolley was not on the bus. A phone call to the Rhys established that it had fallen out of the bus’s storage area as it drove off. Fortunately, it had been picked up and returned to the pro shop. Lucky boy.

Mick Seal, Richard Davies and David Henry peruse their cards prior to driving off

There was much blinking and searching in the locker room when the group discovered that the lights did not appear to be working. They did not work all day – until, that is, the last group were leaving at the end of the day.

Perhaps they would have better luck on the course. John Hancock had joined the group ready to test his recovering knee. He even brought his own chauffeur, Paul Bradley, to drive him around and help make sure that he did not spill his beer. David Rees seized the opportunity to fill the spare space on the buggy with his bag. He then strolled around the course like a true professional. Brian Morgan decide that he, too, needed a buggy, so some rearranging was done, to help him share with Newman Vincent. Newman was still recovering from a rib injury.

All was not well on the golf course. David Henry was doing well as he negotiated the fourteenth. Hidden from sight in the dip the group behind sent their balls on their way. One of them, no names, no pack drill, hit far enough to catch Dave a glancing blow on the shoulder. He only scored one point on that hole and reckoned that it stopped him winning.

Keith Hubbard escapes from the bunker on the seventeenth

A few balls were lost in the trees and in, at least one case, the water. Brian Morgan hit a long drive on the par five eighth hole and eventually found his ball lying snuggly in the middle of a small five trunked tree. A penalty drop was taken. Trying to find the green he did not catch the ball right, resulting with a lost ball into the large pond at the bottom of the hill. The misadventures of seniors’ golf continued all afternoon as they enjoyed the company, the scenery and the challenges.

There were no scores below twenty – apologies, there was one score less than twenty. That honour went to ex club captain, Chris Beecher, who managed eighteen points. He was presented with a wooden spoon by Captain, Derek Cole. In his own words, it was ‘Hero to Zero’. His fall from grace was from top spot on the Ireland Trip to bottom place on this outing. There is always a next time, Chris.

Eleven players scored between twenty and thirty, and this group included Peter Williams, Brian Waters, Mick Whale, Robin Hagley and Richard Davies. In the lower half of that group were Bob Wiseman, Brian Morgan, John Hancock, Ross James, Roger Scholfield and Rod Clarke,

A proud Chris Beecher shows off his wooden spoon

Newman, Dave Blackmore and Bob Forrest all managed thirty as part of the group of fifteen who reached thirty or more. Above them Phil Carpenter, Dave henry and Idwal David on thirty-one with Derek Cole, the punctual Mick Seal, Allen Watts and Keith Hubbard going one better.

Just missing out on the podium places were novice senior, Dai Cope, and experienced senior, Stan Hudson, both on thirty four.

Keith Hubbard was rewarded for being nearest the hole on the eleventh as well as being the only player to score a two.

Taking third place, with a better back nine, was John Richards. Second place, again on a back nine countdown, was David Rees. On this outing, enjoyed by all, the top spot was awarded to Des Stone on thirty-five points. Everyone enjoyed this adventure on a course that a number had played before and all look forward to the next awayday.